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Self liquidating project loans

The “Yield” (income) and “Principal” (return of investment) on this product is “Backed” by contracts (held in Trusts) issued by U. Life Insurance Companies and Banks having at least a Standard & Poor’s rating (at issuance) of “A” or better, depending on the product’s rating requirements.

False economy: if most people now accept that shares do not reflect the true value of a company, why does FRS17 reinforce the idea that they do?

David Allen explains why the world of pensions is in turmoil.

Provisions of Emergency Relief and Construction Act Following a long contest between the President and Congress, the compromise federal emergency relief and construction bill under the general authorship of Senator Robert F. Y.) was finally enacted on the last day of the session and was signed by Mr. It provides for direct relief in the sum of $300,000,000, and for unemployment relief and promotion of business recovery by directing the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to make loans for the construction of self-liquidating projects of various kinds.