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Free sighs up no pay nude live

] Brutal, last in 10 seconds Jolly good, body good I met a stripper named Hollywood In Hollywood, glass slipper And she gave me the sloppy gooooood So you should tip her if you execute Young leisure suit Larry with no extra loot My ex left me destitute So chances are I don't remember you if I slept with you You want karats, I'm turnin' rappers to vegetables City of God, I'm askin' what would the devil do?

Y'all got me drunk as hell, uh Now I been red since I was little like Robin Hood They been hatin' on me, cutting my cable cords They gon' hate on her when she come in Michael Kors Meanwhile, your bitch in the 'Lac, grippin' this wood I want you She went to grabbin' for my jewels, I told her Buy yourself a squad, you get a rollie, rollie She know she can't have it, that shit love my woadie She want to buy him a chinchilla She see you serve foreign country boys from the village Always, I gotta stand her No, she don't want nobody to eat but her She but like fuck them digits, stack them digits Cut them then we benefit, cut them then we send them into She ride three deep with molly in the middle Put Micky Thompsons all on my Jeep Ain't got no handprints on my golds, they all on my seat Ten-thousand-dollar toe rings, featured by me Bitches know it's time out They be fucking me so good, I be like 'Time out!

' They want to fuck me 'til I tell 'em all to time out She stroke it, I can't coach it, I'm like 'Time out!

[Verse 1: Pusha T] They think that they know, something 'bout my life Not in the same class, not on the same flight Maybe the same club, just not the same lights Both fucked the same bitch, just not the same night You just took her phone number I just took her home with a- 'Nother bitch, ménage Boomerang, Strange' Lipstick on my collar, Oscar de la renta(y) Your hijo - pequeño, my nachos - bel grande Stay sippin' that André Spent 3 stacks - that's André That Balmain, that Phillip Lim They say I'm dressing like Kanye I'm everything that my rhymes say: Breadwinner, brand owner Play Cloths, millionaire Trendsetter, landowner Hope your bitch don't land on him Drink in his hand with the sand on him You small time - you Hyundai's Y'all couch niggas - we stand on em Dope money with a band on it Half gold, we got a hand on it D-boys still ball the same Just gotta little bit of glam on it YAH!

[Verse 2: Bryant Dope] I got flames for your download link I let Ja Rule when I murder ink Murder pink, murder what you thought and what you think This Queens prodigy is the product of what you ain't Well packaged to distribute to the masters Plotted this since first grade classes Class is elements of a classic I've got evidence of a master You never thought you'd be bodied by a bastard A bachelor who backspin on breakbeats Break necks of broke souls who hate me Hate he?

] niggas, yeah we take it or leave it But know it's over since I was [? ] like we don't move See Gutter, be home soon See Gutter, he'll be home soon [Bridge: Vado] x2 What's good? that be Meech Zombie walking casualty beat the beat till it's actually fragments Coke off her areola and no not a can of soda Tearing flesh pussy pink look like Cam's Range Rover No High school diploma but baby I'm a street soulja School of the hard knocks every class I leap over Smith and Wesson .500, long nose, mazel tov Shoot a man who squeal then I peel like an old cut Like my women heightened and not even trying And if she leaky leaky then Meechy gon' dive in Ha, mic check check me, skin darker than Wesley Two-eighths of shrooms got me dancing like Mr. I'm what the music game need Like Rich when he just came home And then gave the keys to a cherry 3 Series Oh, you don't know Bamz?

Bentley Mind yo' fuckin' business, why you think the whip is tinted? Fucker, that AK go chopped my time, I'm on psychiatric watch Oh, you don't know Bamz? I got XXL mula, I got bitches tryna get fucked Oh, you don't know Bamz?

] to my niggas locked up in prison Free my nigga Chris And free my uncle Marky Now tell them they fucked up When they told 'em they could start me Cause I ain't lettin' up, they're talkin' 'bout the best They better mention us, yeah they better mention us [Verse 38: Light Skin Mac11] Apartment off [?