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Evan dando juliana hatfield dating

The Lemonheads happened at a similar moment, when the underground was about to be all over, all over again. In 1992, magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' for being a 'grunge god'. The 'alternahunk' nicknames were beyond him. "I didn't know what to do about this way that they were labelling me so I was like, 'fuck it. I'm not whatever they're making me but maybe it'll get the music heard and maybe when I'm approaching 50 I'll still be doing it.'"Last night, at a show with the Psychedelic Furs and Royston Langdon at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, Dando fronted The Lemonheads again for an excellent set of guitar fuzz and acoustic sentiment that succeeded in distracting the audience from their middle-aged selfies.

A lanky, square-jawed pin-up with poet's eyes, Dando was the model for his decade's slacker bohemianism.

He arrived at a moment when sensitivity and self-damage were exciting space for the collegiate set.

How many mornings can you wake up with the local record company's flowers and Champagne, and everything's empty, and you're with a terrible Molly (MDMA) hangover? "Maybe it's the 15th or the 16th time you wake up in the stairwell with all of these empty Champagne bottles and flowers and you just start to wonder a bit." "I would say to my friends in high school, ' All I need is an apartment and a guitar,' and they would be like, ' Evan, shut the fuck up, you're never going to get that.' But I did, somehow," he says with lingering surprise.

, 12 perfect tracks of alternately giddy and melancholic jangle-rock in under a half an hour, with Hatfield's vocals sealing the deal on tunes such as ' My Drug Buddy', with its soft, stoned frankness and depressed refrain, "I'm too much with myself, I want to be someone else."Later pressings of the album included one of the band's biggest commercial successes, a "sleazy, quick and early Nineties' version of Simon and Garfunkel's' Mrs Robinson'", which was originally recorded under pressure by their record label for a 25th anniversary video rerelease of, which delivered MTV-propelled hits such as ' Into Your Arms' and' Big Gay Heart', The Lemonheads were leading lights of the grunge explosion.

And I did everything in the world to fuck it up because I was anti-show business." Dando points out that he was born two weeks before Charles Manson was released from jail in 1967, just prior to the Summer of Love.

"I wouldn't want to be born at any other time - right there at the cusp when they're selling hippie wigs in Woolworths, at the end when the underground was all over," he says cheerfully. Just enjoy yourself and have fucking girls and drugs and travelling and adventure.' I looked at it very simply - 'this is my chance'."Dando could be irresistible, aggravating, and aggravating for being irresistible.

Read More Juliana Hatfield at The Bell House, April 2011 (more by Graeme Flegenheimer) The Psychedelic Furs have been touring all year, and having already stopped in the NYC area on two separate occasions this year, they'll be returning on their fall tour and bringing along some pretty excellent support -- The Lemonheads, who will again be joined...